Know Before You Go: More Inspection Grades for Sandy Springs Restaurants

Sandy Springs Diner and North Peking Chinese restaurant recently received low grades.

Below is information provided by the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, on local restaurant inspections.

Sandy Springs Diner

8612 Roswell Road

Date: Aug. 31, Score: 78, Grade: C


North Peking Chinese Restaurant

8540 Roswell Road

Date: Aug. 29, Score: 70, Grade: C


Nyonya Asian Cuisine

7294 Roswell Road

Date: August 26, Score: 90, Grade: A 


Persepolis Cuisine

6435 Roswell Road

Date: July 6; Score: 91, Grade: A


North River Tavern

8879 Roswell Road

Date: June 3, Scored: 82, Grade: B


Tijuana Joe’s Cantina

7870 Roswell Road

Date: June 7, Score: 80, Grade: B

Brian Oravetz September 06, 2011 at 02:30 PM
Whoa! I'm not happy to hear about the Diner or Tijuana Joes! My family and I have frequented those places quite a bit. In this day and age, there is no excuse for an unsanitary dining environment. And I do find a grade of B unsatisfactory. It is like being in second place; which is the spot for the first loser.


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