Local Church Members Help With Hurricane Clean-up in Louisiana

On only a few days notice Sandy Springs and Dunwoody members of the Mormon Church, joined several others to travel to La Place, La.


Sandy Springs and Dunwoody members of the Mormon Church spent last week in La Place Louisiana assisting with clean-up from Hurricane Issac.

The were joined by more than 1,100 members from around the country in the Mormon Church’s Helping Hands program.

Dena Brett, director of Public Affairs at the Church of Latter Day Saints in Atlanta, said president, Jermaine Sullivan was informed of the need for assistance in La Place only a few days before the volunteers departed. They traveled to LaPlace with chain saws, hammers, crowbars, utility knives, brooms and rakes as well as their own food, water, work clothes, sleeping bags and tents.

 “One thing that impressed me was the power that serving others has to bring people together,” said Volunteer Reggie Brett from Dunwoody, in a media statement.” In one area we were assigned to two homes close together. In addition to our crew, the homeowner had her four teenage sons working alongside us. At first it was somewhat awkward trying to get everyone moving in the same direction. But in spite of our differences - age, race, religion, etc. - by the time we finished the second house, we were laughing and joking and working together like old friends.”


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