Mayan Calendar: It's the Beginning, Not the End

Many believe the end of the Mayan calendar is about a cultural shift and not doomsday. We're asking Patch readers to chime in.


It’s the holiday season and giving is in the air. Our hearts are broken by the Sandy Hook tragedy and people continue to reach out to help the Newtown community from across the country. 

Many believe that this giving represents a shift in consciousness to an age of enlightenment that has been going on for a while, and that’s what the end of the Mayan calendar is all about, rather than doomsday.

Tell us what you think below in the comments.

During a conference on the Mayan Calendar, last fall, author Barbara Marx Hubbard said that we are changing culturally because we are living longer.  “We’re going from procreation to co-creation; from self-reproduction to self-evolution,” she said. “So aging changes when your creativity grows.” 

Last summer, during a TV interview on the OWN Network, spiritual author Marianne Williamson said the culture is burgeoning into a new spiritual understanding. “Enlightenment has become a mainstream interest,” she said. “The era of data collection is over. Now we’ve moved out of information gathering. Now it’s time to take this information and really be embodiers of the transformative ideas.”

Williams said a change of heart changes everything, and just as terrorists have used hatred as a political force, love can be used as a social and political force.

“Dr. Martin Luther King said about Gandhi that he lifted love beyond mere personal relationships and turned it into a broad scale force for good…I think that’s what lies before us now,” she added.

Do you agree? Or do you think we are doomed?

david kennedy January 17, 2013 at 03:29 PM
Marianne is right. But that does not mean "smooth sailing ahead". The current debate on guns for example. The anger and uncertainty towards our present and future have caused the rise of that ugly villain,fear. No future can be built on fear and right now America with all its armaments is certainly poised to be the most dangerous nation in earth and fear is driving its politics. Spiritualism must assert itself and not be quiet as it has been in the past. We must be FOR things not against things. I.e.For peace..not against war.


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