Impressive Artists Participate in Art Sandy Springs' Chalk Walk Contest [Photos]

The event took place at last weekend's Sandy Springs Festival. Winners were recently announced.


Twenty-Five teams participated in Art Sandy Springs' first annual Chalk Walk contest during the Sandy Springs Festival, last weekend.

Contest participants drew on the sidewalk outside Heritage Hall. The theme was "Celebrations."

Here are the winners names:

  • First Place -$300 - Whitney Lam and Stella Huang from Lambert School (Mother and Baby FACES)
  • Second Place -$200 - Sharon Weiss, pastel artist (pastel hot air balloons)
  • Third Place - $100 - Annie Lee, Kinsey Knight and Joanna Hu from Lambert School  (dark green dragon with orange flames)
  • Honorable Mention - Eva Zhou, Kevin Choi, Angela Kim, Annabel Park, Yoon Seo Hwang from Lambert School (Obama & Romney dancing with rapper from Gangnam Style youtube video)


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