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Sunday: Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Screening in Sandy Springs

Showtime 11:35 a.m. at Lefont Sandy Springs Theatres


The Film: "Wunderkinder" 

The Story: The Festival website says, "It's a universal tale of musical prodigies whose friendship overcomes barriers of religion and nationality despite the onset of war. Jewish siblings Larissa and Abrascha are violin virtuosos. Hanna, a young German girl, is also extremely gifted. Living in the small Ukrainian town of Poltava in 1941, they are united by a passion for music. When the Nazis invade, the children’s Jewish and German families must save each other from the forces of both fascism and Communism. Real-life musicians Elin Kolev and Mathilda Adamik, along with child actor Imogen Burrell, give endearing performances in this rare and mesmerizing Holocaust drama told from a child’s point of view."

Time: 11:35 a.m. [The film is also screened at 2:15 p.m., Thursday.]



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