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Visual Art/Finalist Hopes to Emerge Winner in National Competition

Self-taught artist, Dakoro Edwards of Sandy Springs has been featured in various exhibits in recent years. The Los Angeles-based, RAW: Natural Born Artists competition has brought him added exposure.


Last month, Dakoro Edwards became a national finalist for Visual Artist of the Year in the Los Angeles-based, RAW: Natural Born Artists competition.

Edwards and local artists in several categories featured their work in a local RAW showcase competition in November. RAW held the showcase in cities around the country. The contest featured 10,000 visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, hairstylists, make-up artists, performers, fashion designers and accessory artists.

Today, Edwards learns if he won his category. He would be one of nine overall winners to be honored during a January event in Los Angeles, Calif.

The Sandy Springs artist has not had any formal art education, yet he has been featured in various exhibits in recent years. His work has been featured at the National Black Arts Festival and the Emerging Art Scene Gallery in Atlanta. The RAW competition brings him added exposure, he said. Edwards operates a local barbershop where he often paints in between appointments.

See Sandy Springs Artist Featured in Avant-Garde Showcase

RAW was started in 2005 by Heidi Luerra to give young artists a platform for their work.


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