Causes of Low Restaurant Health Inspection Scores

Some Sandy Springs restaurant violations that health inspectors observe can cause scores to drop dramatically, such as a wet rag near food.


An 80s or Grade B health inspection score is sort or a medium grade.  Fulton County health inspections rate as follows: A is a score of 90-100; B is 80-89; C is 70-79; an U is 69 or less.

Some violation that health inspectors observe can cause scores to drop dramatically, such as  a wet rag near food.

Here are some violations from recent health inspections:

5 Seasons Brewing received an 87 on its recent health inspection. Violations included mold inside the ice machine; black specs on ice cubes at the bar; and food and sauces not cooling properly.

Tacos and Tequilas received a 65 on a recent health inspection. The inspector observed a kitchen sink with a broom and bottle inside; hot water was not operable; grease was observed on inside grill light bulbs and hood vents; meat was thawed improperly; and staff was observed doing tasks such as cooking food or putting food away without using proper gloves.

A recent health inspection at Capital Grille garnered at score of 82.  The inspector observed an employee touching boiled eggs with bare hands.

Take a look at our most recent health inspection story.

JamesMichael December 26, 2012 at 12:34 PM
It is a management issue. Any employee found in first violation should be promptly disciplined. On second violation he's out the door. The manager who shirks this responsibility gets booted. Going further, any restaurant falling below 85, not 70, should be shuttered until violations have been rectified. Inspection reports should be displayed prominantly, and where they can be read clearly from outside the restaurant. Failure to so-display is met with immediate closure for a period of seven days. One more thing. An employee showing up with so much as a runny nose, or a productive cough, should be sent home. Pronto.
hazelgreen December 27, 2012 at 06:00 AM
"ATTA-BOY"......James Michael......enough of this half-;;sed behavior! Thanks for stating the facts! Bon Appetite!
JamesMichael December 27, 2012 at 09:35 AM
Thanks, hazelgreen. Two candles are better than none. Bon Appetite.


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