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Details on Ray's on The River Health Inspection Reports

The Sandy Springs restaurant received two low grades on four visits since early April. After a low 59 on May 4, Ray's received a 91 on May 11.


It’s been a bumpy ride for according to recent health inspection reports.

Last week, the popular restaurant scored 91 after receiving a low 59 on May 4th. Other recent scores included a 77 on April 9, 2012. However, the health inspector returned two days later and gave the Sandy Springs restaurant a high score of 98.

The May 4th report, which yielded the 59 score, says the visit was prompted by a food-borne illness complaint investigation. A few violations referred to food items that were at risk of contamination due to improper storing temperatures, or raw food near ready-to-eat food.

Violations during the April 9th visit, which scored 77, included minor mold build-up in the ice machines, a fly trap collector stored over food prep equipment, a wiping cloth bucket next to raw salmon, and a repeat violation of food items stored on floors of walk-in refrigerators. The report says food items must be placed six inches above the floor.

Other violations on the reports were not related to food, such as the absence of paper towels near the sink.

The May 11 report shows only minor non-food related violations.

Adrianne Murchison May 17, 2012 at 08:41 PM
How important are health inspections to you?


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