Few Signs of Smooching at Nearby Sandy Springs Chick-fil-A Locations

Did you see any kissing protests? Share your Chick-fil-A photos here.


Same-sex couples gathered at some area Chick-fil-A restaurants Friday to kiss in protest of the company president's recent comments.

On Wednesday, long lines formed at many Chick-fil-A locations to show support for the traditional values stance.

Patch hit the streets to find out if anything was happening. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening at the Roswell Road restaurant near Northridge.

Over the lunch hour, there were few signs of smooching at the Chick-fil-A at the Lenox Mall food court. Just families and business people in a hurry to grab some chicken nuggets.

Not far away, a TV news crew at the Lindbergh location said two same sex couples kissed there. But they said those symbolic moments of protest would not be aired due to TV station policy against showing video of people kissing.

Joe Dinardo, the owner/operator of the Lindbergh location, declined to talk to Patch and referred all questions to corporate headquarters.

There was a larger protest at the downtown Decatur location. Most of those gathered simply waved signs, but our Local Editor on the scene captured

jMichael August 04, 2012 at 10:32 AM
Well, of course there were few signs of [gay] smooching. While the exhibitionistic ChristoLizards bleat "jeezus! jeezus! I'm a fan of jeezus!" at every opportunity, contrived or otherwise, gay men and women lead lives of quiet and confident dignity, secure as they are in the knowledge that faith in a beneficent God and the Love of His Risen Son bless their unions and welcome them into the Heavenly Kingdom. Excepting those awful "pride" events, our gay brothers and sisters are no more likely to make public displays of themselves than are the Thumpers to make True Meaning of the message of Holy Gospel. No offense, I hope.


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