Sandy Springs Commuters Seeing Construction in Full Swing at Lake Hearn

A $5 million project by the PCIDs is under way.


Nearby Sandy Springs: Construction activity is in full swing on a nearly $5 million project by the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts (PCIDs) to improve roads, streetscapes and intersections along Lake Hearn Drive, Perimeter Summit Parkway and Parkside Place in Brookhaven.

This week, weather permitting, Reeves Contracting will be completing the first retaining wall along the north side of Perimeter Summit Parkway, approximately 500 feet south of the intersection with Parkside Place, according to PCIDs Program Manager Jennifer Harper. The face of the wall will receive a stone veneer for finishing as work in the area is completed to comply with PCIDs standards for public space, she said.  

Formation of a second retaining wall will begin to take shape this week, Harper added. The wall will be located along the north side of Perimeter Summit Parkway, approximately 550 feet north of the Lake Hearn Drive intersection.

Harper also said work on the project’s lighting components will start soon.  The electrical contractor is now checking depths and locations of utilities and laying out the conduit that will house the wiring components for connecting the lighting network along the shoulders and the median of Perimeter Summit Parkway.

Other recent work has included placing the required erosion control items in place such as the black silt fence and the orange “tree save” fence to prevent any disturbance of trees that the PCIDs are making an effort to preserve, Harper noted. 

Upon approval of a sidewalk sample section this week, the contractor will continue placing a new sidewalk along Perimeter Summit Parkway’s north shoulder.  Later in the week, a few trees will be removed within the Perimeter Summit Parkway median, approximately 400 feet north of the Lake Hearn Drive intersection, in order to begin construction of a left turn lane and median break/crossover for northbound motorists. 

“The Lake Hearn project is designed to improve mobility and safety for employees, residents and visitors to Metro Atlanta’s largest concentration of medical facilities; Perimeter Mall, Georgia’s second largest and large employers in the project area such as Crawford & Company and AutoTrader,” said PCIDs President and CEO Yvonne Williams.  “It also should spur private sector multi-use growth and development in the area,” she said.

Construction is expected to be completed in the fall before the Thanksgiving holiday season, weather permitting, said Harper.


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