Transit of Venus: Photos of a Last in a Lifetime Event

Photos of the 2012 Transit of Venus as seen from Bay Creek Park in Loganville, Ga.


There we stood outside City Hall on Tuesday evening, two fellow Sandy Springs reporters and I, peaking through a pinhole in a sheet of paper, to see Venus. At moments, we thought we saw the dot of Venus! And foolish me dared to look directly at the sun.

The crowd gathered at Bay Creek Park in Loganville probably had a better idea. Members of the Charlie Elliott Chapter of the Atlanta Astronomy Club set up telescopes for the crowds to safely witness the historic event. Frank Marchese, a Grayson resident and member of the Atlanta Astronomy Club, shared photos of the event and photos of Venus gliding across the face of the sun that were taken through a high powered telescope.

The Transit of Venus celestial event is the second and last one this century. The next Transit of Venus will not be until 2117.


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