What is Wrong With The Fulton County Tax Commisioners Office?

Did you get a delinquent tax notice today? Better go check your mail...

A few months ago I wrote about the over-inflated tax bills that were sent out by the Fulton County Tax Commisioners Office. After an outcry by upset homeowners and a series of meetings, the tax office agreed that properties had been assessed way too high and reissued tax bills for many.  Well, some time has gone by and they are at it again!

I received a delinquent tax notice on my property today - for several thousand dollars - I was shocked to say the least and not to mention a little surprised as I paid my taxes on time and the bank had cleared the check.

But, the delinquent notice was scary - threatened liens, fines, blah blah blah if I did not send in a check within the next 30 days.

I called the tax office. The automated system said I had a 3 minute wait time. Twenty minutes later, their system cut me off. I called back. Eventually I reached a human.

It went something like this:

Me: "Why did I receive a delinquent tax notice?"

Them: " We didn't process your taxes till Nov 2 so they were late."

Me " Well, I have the check in front of me and you stamped it Oct 31" (the due date)

Them: " well...we go on the date the envelope is stamped"

Me: " I sent it on Oct 26"

Them: "I will pull your envelope, please hold"

This lady obviously didn't want to speak to me as I was then put through to someone else. I asked about the notice again.

Them: " Lien notices went out on Oct 31st and we didn't have your check then."

Me: "You sent lien notices out on the very day taxes were due.. ? And by the way you did have my check.."

Them: " You have a zero balance."

Me: " OK THAT is what I wanted to hear, thank you. So, this is all settled, I won't be getting another delinquent notice?"

Them; "Well, I can't promise that we won't send anything else out. I'm not really sure who sent this one out."

::::::sound of me banging my head against desk:::::::

I'm not the only one who received a delinquent tax notice and who paid their bills on time. Seems most of my neighbors received them also.

What another collossal waste of time and money (to mail out all the delinquency notices)

So, I know my taxes are paid, I just hope the tax office realizes that too...


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Morris Devereaux February 12, 2013 at 04:22 PM
Just a minor bit of information for you Ms. Bagley; while I'm sure most taxpayers are not aware of this, Property Tax Assessment Notices are sent by the Fulton County Board of Assessors. Tax Bills, Lien notices, FIFA, etc. are provided by Arthur Ferdinand; Fulton County Tax Commissioner. These are two completely separate agencies who are in fact, accountable to different entities. The Board of Assessors is appointed by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners. The Fulton County Tax Commissioner is elected by the voters of Fulton County and is therefore, answerable only to them. Just thought you should know.


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