Your Teenager and their Safety on the Road

SSPD, Teaching teen agers safety in driving.


Safety for our teenager drivers. Teenage deaths, due to unsafe driving habits.

We read about these accidents, these crashes, can all of them be avoided?  No.  Yet some can.

As parents we teach, we lecture, we yell, which adds up to all the love and concern we have for our kids.  Do they listen?  Not really.  Teenagers will listen to their peers and not want to become “unpopular”  Doing the right thing by our standards doesn’t always work.  When I was younger, I too felt immortal.  Some things do not change.

What is changing is there are people out there who want to help.  Who freely give their time to help.  The people I am talking about is our very own Sandy Springs Police Department.  Sgt. Dan Nable gives classes, and seminars for teenagers and their families, FREE.  He brings in young people who have been either the passenger in a wreck, or the driver of a crash in which someone died.  Peers speaking to peers.

I attended one of these seminars as a volunteer of the SSPD.  It amazed me how few families were there.  Someone commented the time must have been too early.  I think not.  If it were a soccer game, little league or any other sport activity, they would have been there.

How many times do we need to read that a teenager left the house, got into the car, pulled out, made a phone call, and someone was hit by that car.

How many times have you passed a car and saw the driver talking, texting, eating, drinking coffee, applying make-up and GOD knows what else.  Distractions all. As good as our reflexes may be, it still will take that much longer to respond to an emergency.  A 5 second look away from the road at 30 MPH means that the car is traveling 220 feet UNGUIDED.  How many teens do you know that travel at only 30 MPH.

We may be the best adult drivers there are, however perfect we are not. Our kids see how we drive.  They do more of what they see than of what they hear.  Did you know that anyone under the age of 18, driving with a class D license is not allowed wireless communication while driving?

Many years ago, I was involved in a crash.  The car that hit me was driven by a teenager.  The road was icy, his speed was too fast, he went into a skid and hit me head on. I'm still live with the injury to my knee. Was he sorry, oh yes he was. It didn’t change the situation though. It happened.

Please, pick up the phone, go to your computer and contact SSPD, Sgt. Nable at 

rnable@sandyspringsga.gov, or 770-551-6900, for information on these events and classes.  You won’t be sorry.





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