What Are the TSPLOST Advocates Trying to Hide?

The TSPLOST advocates are trying to shut down opposition voices and rely on their $8 million advertising budget.

Why do you suppose they don’t want anyone talking about it?

  • Over the weekend I received an email from an associate showing that the Untie Atlanta facebook pages had removed all of his posts and stopped allowing comments. 
  • At a meeting on Saturday morning I talked with a Johns Creek City Councilman and was advised that the Johns Creek City Council had refused to schedule any kind of debate, but would welcome an “information” presentation by MAVEN [Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network]. 
  • On Monday I was scheduled to speak against the TSPLOST at the Madison Forum in Cobb County. This was to be a pro/con debate between the TSPLOST MAVEN speaker and myself. Late Monday morning I received an e-mail advising that the MAVEN speaker had withdrawn. 

The combination of events might lead one to believe that MAVEN (the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce) wants to shut down opposition voices and rely on its $8 million advertising budget to convince you to vote for the TSPLOST.

I hope you have better sense.

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janet h russell June 17, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Mr. Lowry, In response to your question "why would anyone live in Stone Mountain and work in Roswell?" makes me ask the same question of you. Why would anyone live in Roswell and work downtown (even if only a few days a week)? Ever heard of a temp job? That is how some people are working these days. They can't just pick up and move near the job and perhaps away from family and friends. No , they endure the commute, so they can work. You remember that old "self reliance" commandment , dont you? And Iheard you make a brief statement on NPR this morning . You are a busy man. How do you find the time to drive to all of thes anti T splost meetings? And who is paying you to do it? Just wondering?
Bryan Farley June 21, 2012 at 06:17 PM
The bottom line is we need to vote for this. We can't do nothing and there is not "Plan B." Transit is not fully paid for and neither are roads; end of that argument. MARTA doesn't need to raise fares so high where people don't want to ride but getting rid of the gas tax and charging to ride on major roads; sounds like TOLL ROADS and more HOT lanes that aren't working either. Lets also get rid of this mis-managed talk. Dr. Beverly Scott has done an amazing job with limited resourses to make MARTA one of the top run transit agencies in the nation. I would like for you to go home and have $1000 in bills and you have $1000 cash but some other person tells you that you can only spend $500. You can keep the other $500 but can't spend it on bills. MARTA deal with that everyday. Finally, it's time for the other big three to get over the whole "MARTA brings crime" because there is plenty of crime without MARTA. Get over the not being dense issue because the people are there. Does Gwinnet or Cobb or Clayton need 100 bus routes and 38 stations... no! Do these areas need 5-7 commuter style stations with 10 to 15 local routes and maybe bus rapid transit on other major corridors to bring people to the rail stations... yes! You mean to tell me that in a county with 800,000 people there wouldn't be 60 to 80,000 riding trains and buses coming into the city or locally? People easily can drive to stations just like the do now! Look at Doraville's station lot for example.
Mike Lowry June 21, 2012 at 08:32 PM
You must be kidding! Beverly Scott couldn't last 3 months in a real business. MARTA is one of the worst governmental organizations in the US, and has been for the entire 30 years of its existence. We are not "doing nothing" now, and won't be in the future, whether the TSPLOST is voted down or not. The "no Plan B" is the silliest statement ever made about a tax increase.
RamblinWreckDave June 21, 2012 at 09:25 PM
Mike, Where is this glorious "Plan B" that you and your tea party buddies keep talking about? You've seen the project list in this T-SPLOST, where is your similarly detailed alternate? I suspect the answer is you don't have one, because all you've said on these blogs is that "it's coming". That's not a good enough answer; the transportation in this region has been underplanned and underinvested in for years. While not perfect, T-SPLOST has many good elements which will benefit us AS A REGION. Too often people are narrow minded and only thinking about their specific situation, not thinking that everything is interconnected, and congestion in 1 area can lead to congestion throughout the area. As for your constant criticism of MARTA, and now personal criticism of Dr. Scott, what specifically are you talking about? Back your statements up with some numbers, otherwise this is just hateful rhetoric. Here's a statistic for you; MARTA is has an over 91% on-schedule record. Doesnt sound too shabby for me, especially considering MARTA is the only major transit system in the country that receives zero state funding for operations, yet is told how much of their revenues they can put towards operations. For that to be the case and still maintain reliable, 91% on time service seems like pretty good mgt to me.
Nick January 09, 2013 at 11:17 AM
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