Spiritual Column: Feeling Gratitude

Gratitude is having an inner knowing that all our circumstances happen for our highest good. On Thanksgiving Day, B's Bistro, in Sandy Springs, will serve 100 free meals.


During a recent walk under the full moon, I saw joy everywhere. I felt it in the breeze fanning the colorful leaves falling rhythmically from the trees. I saw it in the flying birds, laughing children and dogs running happily with their owners.

Then I heard an inner voice that asked me to define, “joy.” Instantly, I realized that I had been searching for happiness in material things. And if I lost them or did not receive them, I felt distressed.

During my walk, my inner voice told me to listen and pay attention because my angels were speaking to me through the air that was joyfully swirling with the birds. Surrounded by the moon in that glorious night, I felt grounded by their presence. I was told so many things but the most important one was to keep my faith strong.

I heard these words and messages on letting go and gratitude.

Suffering is caused by the separation we have with God because of the attachment that is actually creating resistance. Through the seeming chaos there is divine order. Our circumstances are only forcing us to wake up.

Why is it so difficult to feel grateful at all times? Observe. By letting go, you are allowing love because you are not resisting, and that is when gratitude is felt.

In that instant, as I felt connected with the whole universe. I began to count all the blessings that I am continuously receiving. Gratitude is having an inner knowing that all our circumstances happen for our highest good. And that God always wants the best for us. However, when we allow fear to invade our space, we are shutdown from feeling joy and when there is no joy, it is impossible to feel gratitude.

There is so much to be thankful from the first moment we open our eyes. I see gratitude in the inspiration that is always at my reach and the wisdom that resides within me. These things don’t cost a penny. They cannot be bought with money.

I am thankful for each one of my lessons that are bringing me closer to God and teaching me to be true to myself. I am also grateful for those lessons that I still resist or take longer for me to understand their purpose.

As I am learning to value and accept each one of these instances as blessings in disguise, I am so grateful for having the opportunity to share these words with you.

May Thanksgiving Day shower you with many blessings!

On Thanksgiving Day, B’s Bistro owners Buz and Debra Psathas will serve on free meals.


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