How Well Are You Managing Ga. 400 Shoulder Lanes?

Tell us if the new lanes have provided an easier commute for you.


Sandy Springs Police will write tickets for drivers who violate the Ga. 400 shoulder lanes starting June 14, The Atlanta Journal – Constitution reported.

Motorists are allowed to use the dedicated lanes from 6:30-9:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Fortunately I’m not often in the heart of rush hour traffic. Since the , I intended to choose another route if my travels were likely to put me in heavy gridlock.

This morning, I forgot to take my detour and found myself heading southbound in stop and go traffic, concerned momentarily about sudden fender-benders.

The shoulder lane and the regular far right lane were flowing while the three other lanes were slow going or suddenly stopped. 

Traffic moved smoothly when the shoulder lane ended.

Tell us in the comments if the shoulder lanes work for you? Have you had an easier commute since they opened?


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