Readers Agree With Blogger Opposed to TSPLOST

Many readers agree with a Sandy Springs Patch blogger who calls TSPLOST a "massive tax" with little oversight.


Last week Patch blogger Mike Lowry, an opponent of TSPLOST, laid out what he believes is wrong with the referendum and criticized news media for promoting it. 

In part, his blog said, "The hard truth is that the TSPLOST is a massive tax increase that puts a gusher of funds into organizations that have little real budget oversight, to fund projects that, with only a handful of exceptions, will do little for congestion relief and much to enhance property values for the major developers funding the campaign. 

"Our news media collectively owes their audience a much more professional investigation and presentation of the hard facts."

Officials say, if passed, the penny sales tax from TSPLOST would generate $8.5 billion in 157 transit and road projects over 10 years. They add that studies show average commuter time would be reduced by 24 percent or 15 minutes in either direction. “The value of time saved is $9.2 billion, which will go back in pockets of commuters,”  said Tad Leithead, during a Sandy Springs roundtable discussion in May.

Below are a three of more than 20 comments on .

Tom Miller wrote:

In my opinion everyone in North Fulton should vote NO on TSPLOST on July 31st because it does not widen GA 400. The big unreported story is that TSPLOST doesn't widen the interstates because GDOT's plan, approved by GDOT Commissioner Brandon Beach and others, is that ALL widenings of Atlanta metro interstates will be toll roads ("manages lanes"). The Gwinnett I-85 HOT toll road that opened last year was just the first step. GDOT voted that there will be no more "free" lanes added to our interstates. If you vote for TSPLOST, you will be throwing away 1% of the money you spend. Then expect to get toll roads or sit in traffic in the current "free" lanes.

This isn't rocket science. The roads are full so build more roads.

R. Anderson wrote:

What's wrong with our news media? The main problem is lack of money to do investigative reporting. People aren't buying newspapers or watching local television news. Or listening to local radio stations. There's too much competition, revenues are falling, and local media has to make cuts somewhere. So soft news is chosen over hard news. We know more about Brangelina and TomKat than we do about TSPLOST, TIA, etc.

Erik Fernald wrote:

…The voices against this are the from the populace, the ones for it are mostly from the powerful who want to control more of our money. TSPLOST is just the beginning, if and (hopefully when) this gets voted down, there are more things like this coming down the pipe. Just get ready to see how the money comes out of your pocket if you own anything. The most recent example is ad valorem, take a look on your birthday, the tax has only gone down $14 on our vehicle since we purchased it 4 years ago. It is valued at 52% of what we paid for it yet the tax is almost at 99%. I am a republican, but this is a sorry excuse for leadership here, republicans included. Maybe I should change my status to independent. These guys are not getting the job done and are the main proponents of garbage like this TSPLOST.

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Joe_Harris July 10, 2012 at 01:00 PM
The traffic in Atlanta is indeed a hindrance to the residents of Atlanta, tourists who come to the area and potential businesses that may consider coming to the area. We are working with a transit system, MARTA, that was built in the 70's and has had no structural improvement since. We are working with highways that were not built to sustain the population surge that Atlanta has had. As a comprehensive solution to our transportation needs, the passage of the the Transportation Referendum will go to ensure that proper road improvement projects are done as well as the addition of light rail projects. This is the most realistic solution that we have for our transportation needs.
Bryan Farley July 10, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Mike's article was just another attempt to sway voters to vote no on opinionated views that have no solid foundation of facts. What he thinks the TSPLOST is again is HIS OPINION not facts. The information provided by officials are fact and have been researched. Bottom line is that the TSPLOST will give improvements to existing road and maintainence to other areas of transportation. It will create new transit projects AND YES it will improve property values, which is a good thing. Yes it will promote new urban development, bring jobs, and make us more attractive for new companies and jobs while keeping the ones we already have. On top of it being fair for road and transit supporters alike and finally a plan that was developed for the entire region! Opposition can't come up with one legit reason not to support the tax other than it is another tax, one that is investment into our region. You know like how other invested into the region to make ATL what it is today! Opposition says the plan is flawed but yet can't come up with a better plan since there wasn't enough research or input into the current plan. This plan is far from perfect but does have way more positives than the one negative: that it is a tax! It also shows the feds that we are willing to pay for our own and not always come begging for money. When we invest they will invest in some of the other major projects that didn't make the list (road and transit). VOTE YES FOR A WIN WIN SITUATION FOR EVERYONE!!
KellyW July 12, 2012 at 03:47 AM
So what are we to do in the next ten years when our population has increased by a million people? Our transportation system is in dire need of repair. We need mobility options and we need to be able to have continued use of transit options that we have available. Did you know that if this referendum is not passed it could mean that services such as GRTA Xpress could be taken away? MARTA takes over 185,000 vehicles off the road daily. Once we have more transit options more vehicles can be taken off the road. Burdensome traffic does not have to be a way of life. I will be voting yes for this referendum.
Jay Miller July 14, 2012 at 03:27 AM
If anyone expects the DOT to administer the tsplost and fulfill the promises on the project, they need to look no further than the promise made about removing the GA-400 toll. Fool us once…


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