Share a Funny Experience You Had With Mom

Email Sandy Springs Patch a funny experience that we can share with readers on Mother’s Day.


To celebrate Mother’s Day we’d like you to share a funny experience that you had with your mom. It could be something that happened as a child or just the other day.

Our mothers leave an indelible imprint on our lives. We can think of them and smile, laugh and even cry.

I’ll go ahead and date myself and share a memory from back in the late ‘70s. There was a series of commercials that used to run on TV with a woman who would say, “Hi, I’m Rula Lenska.” 

My mom and I used to say, “Who the heck is Rula Lenska?” She’d appear as if she were a household name.

Then one day, my mom said, “Adrianne, you won’t believe it. I was watching Johnny Carson last night. When he came on he asked the crowd in a deadpan tone, “Who is Rula Lenska?” 

Apparently most of the country wondered the same thing. Johnny Carson was able to stretch his Rula Lenska jokes over 2 to 3 days.

For years we'd imitate Johnny Carson and out of the blue emphatically say, "WHO Is Rula Lenska?"

Email a funny experience you had with your mom that we can share with readers on Mother’s Day. Feel free to send a photo also to adrianne.murchison@patch.com


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