16-year-old Pedestrian Hit by Car on Roswell Road

The victim is a student at North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs.


A 16-year-old North Springs student was hit by a car on Roswell Road at Dalrymple about 5 p.m., Friday. She was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish with head injuries but it appears that she will be okay, said Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose.

Rose said she was in the crosswalk at Dalrymple when she was struck by a southbound driver in silver midsize car. The driver remained at the scene and is cooperating with police.

“We don’t know who had the light,” Rose said. “The quality of the video is not good.”

Patch will provide updates as they become available.

Robert Natowitz November 12, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Thank goodness her injuries weren't more serious. Motorists on this stretch of Roswell Road routinely approach 55 MPH, making it very dangerous for both pedestrians and other drivers. I know of at least one fatal car crash there. How about at least positioning speed monitors near the former Tom Jumper Chevy?
Will F November 12, 2012 at 08:20 PM
People do typically speed on Roswell during off-peak times, but there is no way anybody could have been going 55 MPH at 5pm on Friday afternoon. Between the amount of traffic and the MARTA buses that run up the far right lane (lane that this driver was in), they would be lucky to be going 30 MPH. It's probably a good thing too, because the slower speeds likely saved this girl from far more serious injuries! Don't forget that the kids going to and from North Springs High are pretty bad about not obeying crossing rules (when to cross, crossing inside the crosswalk), so there should be more monitoring in place for both pedestrians and motorists there. This girl sounds like she was in the crosswalk, but we don't know if she had the right-of-way. I'm just glad to hear that she wasn't killed, because when I passed the scene at 6pm, the way SSPD was doing their accident investigation looked like it was a possible fatality.
franklin59 November 15, 2012 at 08:26 PM
So, which is it Patch? Is she, or is she not a student at North Springs? Just a couple of days ago, you stated she was a student at The Fulton Science Academy. We've now had 3 different reports from you on this story. If you are pretending to be a plausible news source, as found in most of today's biased media, then you're doing a bang-up job! (Emphasis on sarcasm!) Please try to be a bit more sure of your "facts" before reporting them to your reading public. (Emphasis on please do your job correctly!)
jane morrow November 15, 2012 at 11:39 PM
I live off Dahymple and use Roswell Rd.. The drivers on Roswell Rd. are traveling like it was a race way. Why don't the Sandy Springs Police set speed traps to catch these excessive speeders be fore there are more deaths and injuries.
Adrianne Murchison November 16, 2012 at 02:18 AM
Franklin59, if anything fault me for not updating every story that has been written so far. You may have missed the story, "Recovering Teen Not a North Springs Student' http://patch.com/A-z6fz. And perhaps this story, "Sandy Springs Teen Hit by Car Likely to Recover," http://patch.com/A-z17Y in which I let readers know that previous stories stated incorrectly that the teen attended North Springs Charter High School. I'm not sure how we're biased in this instance as I was told the teen attended North Springs by Sandy Springs Police. By the way, to clear the air on any biased perceptions you may have, I would enjoy having coffee with you sometime.


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