Andrea Sneiderman Seeks to Visit Dead Husband at Religious Rite

Russell Sneiderman was killed in November 2010 at a Dunwoody day care, that Sandy Springs students attend. Andrea Sneiderman's attorneys have asked that she be allowed to attend a religious rite that honors her husband.


Andrea Sneiderman, the woman accused of conspiring to kill her husband for money, is asking for permission to visit her dead husband’s grave in a Jewish religious rite, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Russell Sneiderman was killed in November 2010 at a Dunwoody day care, that Sandy Springs students attend.

According to the report, Andrea Sneiderman’s attorneys filed a motion last week requesting the right to observe Yahrtzeit – a religious rite that involves prayer and the lighting of a candle in remembrance of a loved one.

The rite would occur Nov. 18 – the two-year anniversary of former husband's Rusty Sneiderman’s death, according to the report. The widow, who still owns a home in Dunwoody, is under house arrest at her parent’s home in Johns Creek, according to the report.

She was recently granted access by a Judge Gregory Admas to attend the Jewish high holidays at a local synagogue.

Sneiderman is accused of malice murder, in her alleged role with her former boss, Hemy Neuman, convicted of being the shooter of Rusty Sneiderman outside a quiet Dunwoody day care, Dunwoody Prep.

Andrea Sneiderman is also being charged with perjury in her testimony at the trial of Neuman, who pleaded guilty but insane and was sentenced to life in prison.

Sneiderman faces a host of charges besides malice murder and perjury, including racketeering, insurance fraud and making false statements to police.

The trial could begin in the spring. Speculation exists that it could last five weeks, roughly the same as Neuman’s trial. Discovery has shown that much of the same evidence used against Neuman will be brought to bear against Sneiderman.




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