Andrea Sneiderman's testimony is subpoenaed

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One of the lingering questions after the conviction of Hemy Neuman for the murder of Russell Sneiderman was whether wife Andrea Sneiderman would be charged in the killing.

On Monday, a Grand Jury subpoenaed all of Andrea Sneiderman's testimony from Channel 2 Action News, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The subpoena comes after DeKalb District Attorney Robert James . 

Neuman was sentenced to life without parole. Headmitted killing Russell Sneiderman in Nov. 2010, just after Sneiderman dropped his son off at a Dunwoody daycare center. Neuman, a former executive at GE Energy, pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyers presented evidence that he believed he was visited by an angel and a demon that urged him to kill Sneiderman.

It is something we have under review right now," James said March 15. "Stay tuned."

Andrea Sneiderman's testimony during the trial raised eyebrows from legal professionals and people following the trial.

Andrea Sneiderman denied having an affair with Neuman, despite testimony from multiple sources that the two had shared a hotel room together in Colorado and kissed and danced at a bar in Greenville, S.C.

She also testified during the trial that she received notice of her husband's death by an emergency room doctor at Atlanta Medical Center.

Later in the trial, her friend and also her father-in-law Don Sneiderman said that Andrea Sneiderman called them and told them Russell Sneiderman had been shot before she arrived at the hospital.

was that Andrea Sneiderman seduced and manipulated Hemy Neuman into killing Russell Sneiderman.

Andrea Sneiderman after it was established she talked to a witness.


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