Crimes: Woman Dragged by Car, Shots Fired Outside Nightclub, Suspect Wanted for Stuffing Girlfriend Into Luggage

Recent crime information provided by Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose.


From Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose

  • Woman Dragged by Car

On Dec. 1, cops were dispatched to the parking lot of Lowe’s on Roswell Road, on a person hit by car. On the way, the call status was changed to robbery.

Witnesses said they saw a burgundy car slowly driving through the parking lot. The car pulled up next to a woman who was walking out of the store and who had her hands full of bags. The driver reached out and took the victim’s purse. As he drove away, the victim was dragged several feel until she let go and fell to the pavement. She got up and ran after the car but the vehicle sped off.

The driver was described as an older black male, in his 40’s, full beard and who wore a gray sweatshirt and “bucket style” fishing hat. The victim had some scrapes and bruises but did not want medical treatment. The purse contained a couple of phones and a small amount of cash as well as credit cards and personal I.D. 

  • Shots Fired Outside Nightclub

On Dec. 3, a patrol officer said that while driving on Roswell Road, he heard what appeared to be gunshots coming from the Taboo II club. He acquired backup and then checked the wooded area behind the club. The officers later found two men who said they were fired upon by two other men.

The officers found three cars that were hit and later determined that the victims, two men who said they were fired upon, returned gunfire (two shots) all of which apparently missed their intended targets. Detectives took over the investigation, which is ongoing.

  • Suspect Wanted for Stuffing Girlfriend Into Luggage

On Dec. 1 a woman reported that her boyfriend became jealous over a phone call that she received from a male friend.

He took her phone and threw it in the toilet. He then snapped her laptop in half; hit her head against the wall and then dragged her by her hair into another room where he forced her head into a luggage bag on the floor, restricting her breathing.

She ran from the apartment but he caught her and dragged her back to the house. She again escaped and fled the scene and called the police. The suspect fled the area.

Several warrants were issued for the suspect. They include two counts of Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping, and False Imprisonment.


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