Former DeKalb Police Officer Indicted in Alleged Beating Case

Former officer T.J. Crumpton is facing nine counts of perjury, false statements and violation of the oath of office for allegedly beating a man and arresting him on phony charges.

Photo credit: reynermedia via Flickr.com.
Photo credit: reynermedia via Flickr.com.
A Dekalb officer was indicted Thursday on nine counts of perjury, false statements and violation of oath of office for a 2010 beating and a fraudulent arrest.

T.J. Crumpton is accused of allegedly beating Brian Peterson at Dugan's Sports Bar four years ago while working on an off-duty job. Peterson said Crumpton accosted him after he said good-bye to a group of women Crumpton was speaking to.

The behavior escalated when Crumpton followed him outside.

"I was like, ‘Really? Are you going to lock me up for saying goodbye?’ He said, ‘I can lock you up for whatever I want to,’" Peterson said. He said that's when Crumpton allegedly knocked him to the ground.

Peterson served five days in jail for charges later dropped by prosecutors. Crumpton was never fired for the incident, but resigned four days later.

A judge sent Crumpton to jail and gave him a $35,000 following his indictment.


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