Local Fitness Club Members Hit By Locker Thefts

Sandy Springs Police believe thefts at two LA Fitness locations and Just Fitness could be by people working at the gyms. Thefts appear to have occurred around the same time on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, a member of LA Fitness, located at Roswell and Abernathy Roads, said his car keys and cell phone were taken from his locker. Other victims reported stolen cash, including $200, a driver’s license, and credit and debit cards.

Police believe thefts at that location, Just Fitness at 6335 Roswell Road and LA Fitness at 1155 Mount Vernon Highway all occurred about the same time – 4 to 7 p.m., Tuesday; and it was most likely the same person or group of person at the gyms.

In his Weekly Wrap-up report, Sandy Springs Police Lt. Steve Rose said, "Gym lockers are an absolute favorite for thieves to target. They come in with a bolt cutter hidden in a gym bag and when no one is around, they cut the lock, grab the stuff, and they’re gone in seconds...Don’t leave valuables in the locker."

Sandy Springs Patch will continue to follow this story.


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