Nearby: Andrea Sneiderman Charged in Murder of Husband at a Dunwoody Daycare

Andrea Sneiderman was arrested Thursday morning and charged with murder and other charges.


Nearby Sandy Springs: Andrea Sneiderman was charged with murder, insurance fraud and perjury in connection with the shooting death of her husband, Rusty Sneiderman.

The indictments were announced by the DeKalb County’s District Attorney Robert James on Thursday afternoon.

The indictment says that "Sneiderman and (Hemy) Neuman conspired among themselves and with each other to engage in an interrelated pattern of criminal activity motivated by and the effect of which was insurance fraud and pecunairy gain."

"The accused did act in concert with Hemy Neuman by giving Hemy Neuman the schedule for departure and return of Russell Sneiderman so that Neuman could kill Russell Sneiderman."

Sneiderman was a key figure in the trial of Hemy Neuman, her former boss at GE Energy in Marietta, who was convicted in March of killing Rusty Sneiderman.

Sneiderman's attorneys said they will be seeking bond for their client.

"Our client is innocent and she had nothing to do with this," said John Petrey, one of Sneiderman's attorneys.

According to one charge in the indictment, Sneiderman acted in conjunction with Neuman by providing Neuman a schedule for Sniederman's arrival and departure at the daycare facility in which he was killed.

"Mrs. Sneiderman was arrested without incident at about 10:45 Thursday morning," Putnam County Sherriff Howard Sills told Patch. "She was arrested at a residence that was identified by DeKalb County investigators as her parents' home, near Lake Oconee."

Sills said DeKalb investigators and police requested his department assist in the arrest earlier Thursday morning.

"We knew who she was, of course, but this was just a routine arrest," Sills said.

Sneiderman has been charged with one count of violating of the Georgia Racketeering Act; one count of criminal intent to commit murder; one count of malice murder; one count of insurance fraud; two counts of making false statements; and two counts of perjury.


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