Nearby: Andrea Sneiderman Granted $500,000 Bond

An indictment says that Sneiderman provided her husband's schedule to Hemy Neuman on the day of Rusty Sneiderman's shooting outside a Dunwoody day care. Sandy Springs students attend the day care center.


DeKalb County judge Gregory Adams set bond for Andrea Sneiderman at $500,000 during a hearing Tuesday in her murder trial.

Wearing a purple blouse and black pant suit, and with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, Sniederman smiled as she heard Adams issue his ruling.

If she makes bond, Sneiderman will also have to wear an electronic ankle bracelet until her trial, live with her parents, and turn in her passport and her children's passports. She hugged her attorneys and smiled as she left the courtroom.

Sneiderman's next court appearance was set for Sept. 6.

"Andrea Sneiderman ain't going anywhere," said Tom Clegg, Sneiderman's attorney, who asked the court for a $250,000 bond. "She is not going to abandon her two children. She ain't going to run away and she has not intimidated any witnesses. She has done nothing whatsoever to give this court any reason to think that she is not going to be present during her trial."

Assistant DeKalb County D.A. Don Geary argued that Sneiderman is a flight risk. "I don't think Andrea Sneiderman is going to abandon her children. I think she will take them with her," Geary said. "Everything she has done indicates that she is going to do what she's going to do, regardless of what the court orders."

Much of the testimony in Sneiderman's bond hearing focused on a conversation Sneiderman had with Shana Citron during the Hemy Neuman trial. Prosecutors attempted to portray Sneiderman as someone who would intimidate potential witnesses if she was released on her own recognizance.

Sneiderman was not in handcuffs as she entered the courtroom.

A flurry of interest has surrounded the Sneiderman case since she was arrested. Sneiderman face an eight-count indictment that implicated her in her husband's death, Russell Sneiderman.

Additionally, her more than $2 million in assets have been frozen, which could play into her ability to post bond.

Sneiderman also faces two counts of perjury, one related to the fact she denied to prosecutors and defense attorneys in court about having an affair with her former boss, Hemy Neuman, who worked for GE Energy.

Neuman was convicted of killing Russell Sneiderman outside of Dunwoody Prep, a city day care in November 2010. The indictment says that Sneiderman provided her husband's schedule to Neuman on the day of the shooting.

DeKalb District Attorney Robert James has said he will seek life imprisonment upon a successful prosecution.

Sneiderman's alleged motivation in the killing was that she was seeking to reap $2 million in life insurance collected from her husband's death, as well as more than roughly $900,000 in marital assets, according to the indictment.

Sniederman, who move from Dunwoody an undetermined time ago, sought to sell her home near the Dunwoody Library in April 2011. The more than 4,500-square-foot home is still owned by Sniederman's estate. It sits on a quiet, residential street. The home is listed in county tax records at nearly $890,000.

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