Photo: Burglary Suspect Charged, Possible Partner on the Loose in Home Break-ins

About 11 burglaries have occurred in the last two weeks in Sandy Springs.


Most of the information below was provided by Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose

Sandy Springs Police detectives have charged 36-year-old Gabriel Stephen Neely, of Cartersville, Ga., with three counts of burglary in connection with a series of October burglaries. Neely was arrested in Douglasville following a botched burglary attempt.

Sandy Springs detectives obtained three warrants charging Neely with breaking into homes located on Riverside Parkway, Coldstream Court, and River Valley Road.

Detectives are looking at additional burglaries in the area and perhaps the fact that Neely was working with another suspect during these break-ins. In the above cases, Neely used a pillow case to store the stolen items in. He is seen in one victim’s home video as he walks around the house placing items in the pillow case.

Several items stolen from the residences were discovered by Douglasville detectives after Neely’s arrest on Oct. 9. Since that time, a number of other stolen items have been recovered from Neely’s possession and linked to the Sandy Springs burglaries.   

Sgt. Todd Garner of Douglasville Police told WSB-TV News they caught Neely breaking into a home, apparently in the same manner suspected by Sandy Springs Police. Garner said Neely rang the doorbell and when no one answered he went to the back of the home and created a hole in the siding. 

Neely is currently in the Douglas County Jail awaiting trial for burglary and related charges brought by Douglasville Police. Afterwards, he will transfer to Sandy Springs custody and be lodged in the Fulton County Jail.


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