Recent Crime Activity in Sandy Springs

Incidents over the past week include fraud and drug activity.


The following is provided by Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose.

  • On Friday evening, a woman showed at the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room with a gunshot wound to the stomach. The victim, in her 40’s, told medical staff that she was in her car and somehow, while on the cell phone, accidentally shot herself. She was transferred to Atlanta Medical Center a short time later. Her condition is not known.

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  • On June 10, around 2 a.m., a patrol car spotted a man staggering crossing Roswell Road, at Fountain Oaks Shopping Center, in an intoxicated state. The man was also injured. He told the officers that a black male, about 45-years-old, assaulted him outside of the Kroger Store. The victim had scratches on his head and a bloody nose. He was taken and turned over to his wife and brother after refusing medical treatment. Word to the wise, nothing good happens after midnight. Some people think so, but those people are usually drunk and later beaten up.


  • On June 11, a 26-year old woman on Roswell Road reported that she made contact with a modeling agency in Santa Monica, California. Two women were in contact with the victim and convinced her to send money to them in order to receive clothes to model in. They obtained her bank information and withdrew $1486 from her checking account.
  •  On June 11, the manager of the Dollar Tree said that a customer paid with a counterfeit $20. The fake bill was not discovered until after the sale. No suspects.
  •  Last week, an employee of Tony’s Sports Bar and Grill said that she took a counterfeit $20 as a tip. The server told the man it was fake he then tore it up and gave her a real twenty—or so she thought. Turns out the man dropped three fake 20s.
  • A woman reported that someone opened a Sprint account in her name. She found out when the bill came to her house.
  •  A man reported that someone used his personal information to order Dish Satellite service.
  • A woman reported that someone used her personal informantion and social security number to file for a tax refund in her name.


  • On June 15, detectives went to a hotel on Crestline Parkway, on a drug complaint. As they made their way to the room on the fourth floor, they spotted a white male who, when he saw the detectives, hastily walked away. Another officer had spotted the same person moments before, carrying a blue bag. The man was stopped and checked. He was wanted for probation violation in Cartersville. Another officer found the bag that contained drugs consisting of heroin, pills, and marijuana, along with three guns. The man was arrested.
  • On June 12, officers responded to a burglary call on Stonington Drive, just before 3 p.m. They were given a lookout of a black male with a dark blue shirt and long pants. An officer located a man fitting the description, standing along a wood line near the condo. The man said he was in the area to use his cell phone. They found a backpack in the woods that contained some marijuana and papers with his name. He was charged with the marijuana possession. He was probably the burglar too but the positive ID was not made.
Adrianne Murchison (Editor) June 19, 2012 at 02:10 PM
These are only a handful of recent crimes. Are there any incidents in your neighborhood that we should know about?


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