Sandy Springs Arrests

Sampling of arrests made April 16-21.

Sandy Springs Police Lt. Steve Rose provides a wrap-up of recent police activity. Below is a sampling of arrests made April 16-21.

A woman was arrested on Sandalwood Drive after officers arrived on a domestic-violence call. The officers detained the aggressor to which the female party began to turn on the offiecrs, yelling and cursing at them. She was arrested too.

1100 Hammond Drive

Officers arrested a man at Publix grocery store after he was detained for stealing Zantac and another item by concealing them in his jacket and then walking out of the store. He was arrested.

100 block of Mount Paran Road

A man reported that he and his girlfriend were out drinking and upon returning home, got into an argument. He said the woman attacked him, ripping his shirt and biting him several times. The man had a bite mark near his armpit. The woman said she didn’t remember biting him. She was arrested.

300 block of Hammond Drive

An officer spotted a man sitting in his car around 2 a.m. He checked it out and reported smelling marijuana. While following up on this, the officer checked the man and found some cocaine on him. The man said the weed was his but not the coke. He was holding it for a friend who kept losing it. This guy was dumb but the next two are even dumber:

Cops were called to a fight at Cocktail Cove at closing time (2 a.m.) Two friends of one of the men in custody didn’t think he needed to go to jail so they interefered with the officers as they escorted the man to the patrol car. The men yelled “F--- the MF police” in an attempt to incite the small crowd of people who had gathered. The two men were immediately arrested. Another person was arrested for slapping a woman in the face and in the presence of an off-duty Fulton police officer working at the bar. Another person was arrested in connection to this disturbance. Looks like four people went to jail.

An officer watched as two men met and exchanged something between them in the 5300 block of Roswell Road on April 18th. The officer later arrested one of the men for marijuana possession.

5610 Roswell Road

Responding to a shoplifting call, an officer spotted a man walking from the Target store. The man fit the description of the suspect on the call and was detained. The man had two DVD players on him, neither one paid for, in his backpack. He was arrested for the theft of the two items valued at $180.

4920 Roswell Road

Cops were called to the Kroger Store where they found a man who was lying on the bathroom floor, in a locked stall and next to the toilet. He was drunk and holding a four-pack of Sutter Home wine that he had stolen in the store. He was checked by EMS personnel and after being cleared, was arrested for stealing the wine. On the way to jail, he called the officer a “dick” which is about the only thing the officer could understand from the man.

A man called the cops to report a burglary. The cops checked the man’s ID and found he was wanted in Gwinnett County on a felony larceny warrant. He was arrested. This is indeed, bad Karma.

QuikTrip on Dunwoody Place

A woman was arrested after a passing motorist stopped and alerted an officer, who was fueling his car at pumps, that the woman was in a red Jeep Liberty, driving recklessly. The officer observed the woman, who had also stopped at the QT and was walking across the parking lot. He noted the woman’s manner of walking gave him the impression she was impaired. He walked to the woman and spoke with her, noting later that her lips looked extrememly chapped; almost burned, which is a common look for those who smoke crack.

He asked her where she was coming from and she replied “Cumming.”

He asked her where she was going and she replied “Cumming.”

We call this a clue.

Cristi Roe April 24, 2011 at 04:31 PM
Sandy Springs used to be a classy place where rich people could live happily. Those were the good old days! The Police used to be so nice to everyone, even the sometimes naughty teenagers, issuing mere verbal warnings or written warnings. Rumors from the 1970's remain about the pot smoking that went on at the Bowling Alley and other hang outs. These were times before the Open Container Law was introduced. They certainly wouldn't have gotten in trouble for shouting!
Anthony Poselenzny June 03, 2011 at 12:36 PM
While some people do some silly things and often while under the influence of some drug or alcohol, and while these are indeed crimes and often serious crimes, nonetheless everyone should be treated with respect, whether deserving or not. These articles on arrests are written in such a way to make the people look like they are somehow less than others. While that may be true at the time we all realize that there are times when anyone of us make stupid mistakes. I would hope that such a moment wouldn't be written up in such a manner. It is written in an "us versus them" attitude. This isn't following the golden rule of treating others as you would like to be treated. To see such information coming from our police deprtment strikes me as being unprofessional as well. Let's just set the facts if we must publish arrests.
Adrianne Murchison (Editor) June 03, 2011 at 01:32 PM
Thanks for your note Anthony. What you mention is not the intent of Sandy Springs Patch. This is a sampling of a police blotter provided by the SSPD in text they provide to media organizations.
Cristi Roe June 03, 2011 at 07:13 PM
I agree somewhat with Anthony. Those people being arrested know that they are about to lose everything, even if its just a cherished shopping cart filled with all their worldly goods. While they are detained in jail, their power will be cut off, they will be evicted and lose all their furniture and clothing, etc,etc,etc. Their CHILDREN will go to strangers in foster homes (the state makes money off this!!! YES THEY DO!!). A lot of us have ELDERLY PARENTS that need care and will worry what happened to them because of a forgotten speeding ticket with a a failure to appear resulting in a bench warrant arrest!!!!! Their DOGS will be killed in 7 to 14 days. We who work hard to save dogs see these bitter tears---no wonder they yell as they are being cuffed. Citizens should protest the FTA Benchwarrant---it is out of control!!!!
DJ June 03, 2011 at 08:58 PM
Sandy Springs Police do an EXCELLENT job! Sandy Springs Police have worked hard to reduce crime in the City for 5 straight years since the PD was launched. That is right for 5 straight years the SSPD has reduced crime in the City of Sandy Springs. Sandy Springs has a very PRO-active police force with dedicated men and women who work daily to protect and serve the community of Sandy Springs!
JM June 04, 2011 at 08:26 PM
Really? The SSPD and Police in general are to hard on the criminals? The criminals might have their power shut off while in jail? Really? What about the victims and the untold stress, loss of property, damage to property, injuries and such for the victims? Really? No more "Fail to Appear warrants?" So, you get a ticket for speeding, running a red light, whatever, then you don't show up for court, so then the police say, OK, no problem, have a good day. You have got to be kidding me. Sorry the police works so hard to keep you and your family safe. Please explain yourself to the family and friends of the 52 police officers killed nationwide this year (48 this time last year; as of May 23, 2011) who made the ultimate sacrifice so you can sleep soundly!
DJ June 06, 2011 at 09:45 PM
It would appear Anthony and Cristi would make for great roomates!


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