Sandy Springs Copper Thieves Aimed for a Big Payoff, Police Say

Two men stole nearly four miles of wiring from 50 light poles and streetlights in mid-August. More copper thefts were discovered on Tuesday.


The nationwide crime trend of copper theft has hit Sandy Springs.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that police caught two men stealing wire at the Glenridge Connector overpass, earlier in August. And the paper reports that Tuesday, Georgia Department of Transporation workers learned 1,000 feet of cable and copper wiring was missing from a camera location on Ga. 400 at the Chattahoochee River.

In the earlier incident, the two men stole nearly four miles of wiring from 50 light poles and streetlights, the AJC story said. The two were caught while trying to load the wires into their car. One suspect escaped police. the AJC identified the other suspect as Antonio O. Beasley, 48, of northwest Atlanta.

Police Capt. Steve Rose told Sandy Springs Patch the stolen wire may be valued at about $30,000. “These guys were going for higher volume,” he said.

Copper thefts have become more frequent in Sandy Springs. “[There are mostly stolen] from commercial construction units; houses that are under construction; and places they can hit late at night.  They are taking wire that has copper in it," Rose added.

In taking wires from streetlights, Beasley and his accomplice were going for a bigger payoff, Rose said.

A report by The Coalition Against Copper Theft says the crime costs the United States nearly $1 billion per year. 

Reports also link copper theft to use of methamphetamines.


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