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UPDATE: Person Shot Near Sandy Springs Hotel

Sandy Springs Store Robbed Twice in 2 Days

Gunmen stole from employee waiting to fix door from earlier theft.

Owner says she's scared.
Owner says she's scared.

A Sandy Springs store was burglarized twice in two days and one of its employees said he was robbed with a gun to his head.

Police say someone broke through the front door of the La Pasadita grocery store on North Ridge Road over the weekend, according to WSB-TV. When a worker waited for someone to fix the glass door, someone robbed the employee.

“We had two years and this never happened; Now, in two days," employee Genaro Olivares told the station.

“First time they broke the door, they took the register and the money they found,” Olivares said.

Then, while Olivares was waiting for the glass repair company, he says, a man confronted him in the back office of the store.

“They put a gun to my head and said, ‘Don't tell the police because next time I’ll kill you," Olivares told the station.

The robbers took his wallet, phone, social security card, driver's license and green card, he said.

Police are looking into whether the suspects may have come from an apartment complex across the street, the station reported.


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