Simple Changes in Routine Can Help Stores/Restaurants Prevent Holiday Robberies

Sandy Springs Police offer tips on locking up at night, identifying counterfeit bills and more.


When it comes to robberies, Sandy Springs Police say the critical period for businesses is two hours before closing. During that time, managers are often in the office completing paperwork or handling cash. 

Here are police safety tips to help store and restaurant owners prevent robberies.

  • Instruct your crew and managers to call 911 if suspicious people are seen in the restaurant or on the lot. If your store or restaurant is equipped with portable panic hold-up alarms, keep an alarm with you at all times. If you have a drive thru wear a headset to stay in communication.
  • Lighting: Sufficient lighting provides an added measure of security for your crew and customers. During the holiday season, leave the parking lot lights on throughout the night to provide additional security for your opening and closing crews.
  • Back Door: The back door must be controlled by a manager. Avoid leaving the key in the back door alarm. Do not lend keys to unauthorized employees. Keep the back door locked and alarmed when not in use.
  • Cash Drawer Skims: Since robberies and cash thefts frequently occur at the front counter and drive-thru windows, skim cash from the registers every two hours, document appropriately and place in the safe.
  •  Deposit Procedures: Do not carry deposit bags out in the open. Stagger your route to the bank. Ensure deposits are taken to the bank before dark. Validate deposit tickets daily.
  •  Counterfeit: Compare suspicious bills to a known “good” bill. With the new currency, a duplicate of the president’s face should appear in the blank area when held to the light. The denomination ($10, $20, $50 & $100) in the bottom right corner should change color when the bill is tilted back and forth. Counterfeit pens work well on the older currency.
  •  Authorized Access: Keep restricted areas locked. Challenge anyone in unauthorized areas, i.e. trash corral, back rooms, stock areas.
  •  Area Inspections: Before closing, inspect bathrooms, storage areas, etc., for anyone left behind or hiding.


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