Zany Arrests in Sandy Springs

Last week, a man came into the Target store and replaced his shoes with a pair of nice boat shoes.


Provided by Sandy Springs Police Capt. Steve Rose

  • On Jan. 26 at Ga. 400 and Roberts Drive, a patrol officer saw a car with New Jersey tags, which were stolen. The car was stopped and the woman driving the car said she couldn’t afford to purchase a tag so she stole one. She was arrested and the car was impounded.
  •  On Jan. 28, a man came into the Target store and replaced his shoes with a pair of nice boat shoes valued at $35. He wore them out and was promptly caught, detained, and then taken to jail.
  •  A homeowner near the Fifth Green at Huntcliff reported that someone in a red SUV was loading stolen firewood into a car. The homeowner went outside to confront the man. The man got into his car and the homeowner got behind the car to stop it. The car backed up and made contact with the man and then fled. Cops arrived a minute or two later and found the SUV near the area but the tag had been removed as was the firewood. The driver of the car was arrested for Theft, Simple Battery, and DUI. 

Theft at Stein Mart

  • Stein Mart employees reported a theft by three suspects who came in and took several packs of Polo Ralph Lauren men’s undershirts, boxers, and briefs and then left the store without paying.


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