A Case for Parks? Sandy Springs Residents Have Mixed Feelings on the Matter

Some folks worry that parks may lower home property values. Others say Sandy Springs has enough parks.


Sandy Springs is a city of parks and green space. Talk of potential new parks on , and separately at the , has generated mixed feelings.

Some folks worry that parks may lower home values or attract crime. Others say Sandy Springs has enough parks.

New York's Central Park was brought up at two Sandy Springs meetings, last week, as an example of how a park can change the landscape of a city.

"There's a reason why the most expensive real estate in Manhattan is across the street from Central Park," said City Councilman Chip Collins to Riverside Drive homeowners, last week. "Every bit of research I've seen indicates that parks only shoot home values up."

In a 2011 Times-Picayune story, John Crompton, a Texas A&M University professor, said parks “pay for themselves many times over through increased property values and property tax revenues.”

New York City's High Line, an old freight train track turned public park, drew $2 billion from private investors which far outweighed the $115 million cost, a New York Times story said. The report also cites 12,000 new jobs in the surrounding area.

What do you think about new parks in your neighborhood?

In the attached video the parks and recreation director in a small community outside San Francisco, Calif. shows how parks have improved quality of life and increased home values.

Do you frequently visit Sandy Springs parks? Tell us in the comments.

Susan Zweig March 26, 2012 at 03:49 PM
David The adjoining residents agree with everything you say,but the Riverside HOA has not ,before now informed their members of the particulars of the park. There was a meeting for a few home owners last week and 3 different versions of the plan were shown.We are planning to have another meeting for the 30 or so other homeowners that were unable to attend on such short notice. There was an apology given ,which, we all admire, for the lack of notification of adjacent homeowners. I am sure you are ot one of those that say great if it isn't in my back yard. Most reasonable people want to know exactly what is to be put there before they can form a valid opinion. As an adjacent homeowner, I certainly would love to see a safe place for our children to visit. I look forward to seeing you at this meeting which will be the week of April 30th exact date TBD Susan Zweig
David Davis March 27, 2012 at 12:51 AM
@Susan Zweig. First, apologies for the typos in my recent post - an occupational hazard of typing on an iPad while sitting on a plane bing jostled by flight attendents. I hope to be able to attend the April 30th meeting and hope your concerns can be addressed. A park on the river would provide a significant public benefit and if River Overlook park is any indicator, the city has some good experience at creating attractive and well maintained public space. Hopefully the city will build an even better park on the river at Riverside and hopefully the legitimate concerns of the adjacent homeowners will be fully addressed.
Donna Shapiro March 28, 2012 at 12:52 PM
I think that a park at the old Target site, as part of a city government complex, would be a huge plus. We would have a city center and the beauty of green space. Green space can be managed so that crime is not a issue at all, and then it enhances the value of property. Parks along the river would also be a nice addition to the city.
Suzanne Baxter March 29, 2012 at 03:51 PM
Love parks and green space...but beware....I have been reading about UN Agenda 21 and the ICLEI (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives) which provides regulatioins re property rights, greenhouse gases and more Agenda 21 "sustainability" info. The state of TN House just passed resolution 587 (March 15, 2012) citing "the destructive and insidious nature ..plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control." of Agenda 21. Please start to educate yourselves.
Donna Shapiro March 29, 2012 at 07:19 PM
You have got to be kidding. Extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control because a small city puts in a few parks? Please.


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