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A Healthcare Professional's Take on Supreme Court's Health Care Ruling

Longtime physical therapist Cindy Forrest reacts to the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling to uphold Obama's healthcare reform.


Cindy Forrest, a physical therapist who lives in Sandy Springs, applauded Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on healthcare reform for personal and professional reasons.

Health insurance has been challenging for Forrest since she had back surgery eight years ago.

Because I have taken advantage of the pre-existing condition program, I appreciate the value of it,” she said. “And I understand that people who have lost their insurance because they are a small business, or because their employer has discontinued their insurance - they need something.”

Forrest believes everyone, no matter their age, needs health insurance. “I personally think that everybody should have some kind of health coverage. We’re supposed to be the most developed country in the world. There should be a minimum standard for decent healthcare,” she said.

As a healthcare professional, Forrest said she understands that healthcare costs are out of control. “There are so many uninsured people, so insurance rates for everybody who is covered is artificially inflated,” she added.

Still the physical therapist said Congress should address the problem. She is hoping for a single-payer program for everyone, and private programs that people can buy into if they choose.

“I think that would even out the playing field and make it easier for doctors, healthcare providers and people like me to be able to work with everybody and not just a chosen few,” she said.

james c hays June 30, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Now they will ALL have insurance... we thank you because YOU will be paying for it... When will we get tired of spending other people's money?


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