Despite Complaint City Affirms Decision on Sandy Springs Tennis Center Contract

Bruce Brown attorney for losing bidder Operation Tennis believes his company did not receive fair treatment in the request for proposals process.


Groslimond Tennis Services, Inc. will take over management of the City of Sandy Springs tennis center as part of its one-year task order beginning Jan. 1, 2013, a Friday statement said.

The City confirmed its decision following allegations from Operation Tennis, Inc., one of the losing bidders for the contract.

Bruce Brown, attorney for Operation Tennis, told Patch that his client didn’t get a fair shake. Each party in the request for proposals process had to provide a reference. Brown complained that Groslimond’s reference had a direct relationship to the company. However, a letter from city attorney Wendall Willard to Brown says, “…There is no requirement in the RFP that the person completing the Past Performance Questionnaire be an ‘unaffiliated’ third Party.”

In response, Brown said it appears evaluations can come from anybody. "What I said to City Council [during public comment on Dec. 4th] was if this goes through then every slick salesman without any substance is going to come right here to do business," he said.

In addition to Groslimond Tennis Services and Operation Tennis, Universal Tennis Management competed for the tennis center contract. Groslimond’s bid was highest at $60,000 per year to the city; followed by Operation Tennis at $32,000 per year, and Universal Tennis at $24,000 per year.

“The City procurement process was conducted consistently with past procurement procedures," said Mayor Eva Galambos in the press statement. "In addition, we had experienced parks and recreation professionals on the evaluation team providing industry expertise. We are confident that the process was fair and thorough.”

Brown also complained that tennis court fees would be raised under the Groslimond contract.

The city statement said: Fee increases proposed in Groslimond’s proposal are reasonable and within market rate. Financial responsibility for minor and preventative maintenance, utilities, as well as an online court reservation system will be the responsibility of Groslimond, per the RFP requirements – not the City’s residents as insinuated by Operation Tennis, Inc.

Tennis players, ALTA and other organized teams will have choice over instructors as there is no requirement to use those affiliated with Groslimond.

When Groslimond begins operations in January, residents will see the addition of extended hours, cost free play time and added programming, the announcement said.

Tom Doolittle December 15, 2012 at 01:48 AM
Hilarious process. It takes a while for City-Hood to get professional. Then again, "affiliated references" sounds a lot like the State House, where new cities are spawned.
Leigh Anne Trivette December 15, 2012 at 08:05 PM
Did the city actually look at the due-diligence done by each of the bidders? $60K vs. $24 is a HUGE difference. My best guess is Groslimond is quite convincing but UTM will be in there within 3 years. Let's see if they can put their money where their mouth is.
Tom Doolittle December 15, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Yes--this is obviously a case of a city government being more cost conscious than a county government can be :) Not! Are they "government closer to the people" or "closer to the connected"? Regarding tennis centers, besides having a more idyllic name (I've always appreciated the soap operish "Sandy anything"), I haven't seen much of a difference in the facility now than when it was with the county.


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