Early Voting Reveals a Peek at the Other Guy's Ballot

Early voting ends Friday. We've got the scoop on what Sandy Springs voters can expect at the polls.


Early voting ends at 5 p.m., Friday. If you go, you only need to present a valid form of ID.

On Wednesday afternoon at the North Fulton Annex, a continuous line of about six or seven people waited to approach poll workers. After presenting ID, the voter receives a printed page to confirm their name and address, and to indicate their political party affiliation.  They are then given a ballot card corresponding with the party.

At the poll

Poll booths at the North Fulton Annex, on Roswell Road, had open wings allowing a person to easily glance at the voter ballot in the next station.

TSPLOST Ballot Question

  • Shall Fulton County’s transportation system and the transportation network in this region and the state be improved by providing for a 1 percent special district transportation sales and use tax for the purchase of transportation projects and programs for a period of ten years?

A few non-binding Democratic Party Questions

  • Should the Georgia Constitution be amended to allow the state to override locally-elected school boards’ decisions when it comes to the creation of charter schools in your county or city?
  • Do you support ending practice permitting unlimited gifts from lobbyists to state legislators?
  • Should Georgia reduce sales taxes on Made in Georgia products so as to support the growth of small businesses in our state?

A few non-binding Republican Party Questions

  • Do you support ending the current practice of unlimited gifts from lobbyists to state legislators by imposing a $100 cap on such gifts?
  •  Should active duty military personnel who are under the age of 21 be allowed to obtain a Georgia weapons license?
  •  Should the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the paramount right to life is vested in each innocent human being from his or her earliest biological beginning without regard to age, race, sex, health, function or condition of dependency?

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