Environmental Adovcates Oppose New Riverside Park

The Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs says the city should table plans for a new park on Old Riverside Drive and form a study group to make sure the property remains protected.


The Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs has announced its opposition to the proposed Riverside Park.

If most residents approve, the City of Sandy Springs intends to move forward with plans to develop the 23-acre site, formerly a Fulton County pumping station, located on Old Riverside Drive. Plans include a playground, walking and jogging trails, a pavilion, park benches and picnic tables, restrooms and open green space.


“All 3 plans proposed by the city to date call for use density that is detrimental to the health and the protection of the river, streams, and steep slopes surrounding this site," the WASS statement said. "No alternate proposal has been considered. This is the only plan the city will discuss.”

The statement by Watershed president Patty Berkovitz and vice president Richard Farmer called the space a wildlife corridor. Watershed and many others with reservations about proposed plans say they support a low density park.

Berkovitz and Farmer’s statement suggested a well thought out study by the Parks Department, neighbors, and the Watershed Alliance of Sandy Springs before plans are developed. The full statement is attached to this story.

Fulton County owns the property and according to Sandy Springs officials, the land will not be sold if residents object to the development. The park would cost $1.5 million to develop and about $40,000 per year to maintain.

Matthew Stevens June 05, 2012 at 02:40 PM
To paraphrase Ronald Regan - sometimes who you are for is defined by who you are against. Once again Ms. Berkovitz and Watehrshed are opposed to a development. That isn't news. What is news in this case is that they prefer an abandoned sewage treatment plant over a park that will benefit the children and families of Sandy Springs. Frankly, Watershed's opposition to turning a community blight into a community asset has whittled away what was left of my respect for them.
franklin59 June 05, 2012 at 04:33 PM
So, what else is new? The human race will be extinct within 200 years at the rate these environmental terrorists continue to thwart positive improvements to our “green spaces.” We humans did not advance ourselves to the top of the food chain only to take a step back for the sake of a few bivalves (who over the millennia have learned to dig just a bit deeper in the mud to find sustenance to keep them alive.) These overzealous environmentalists (who drive around in the heaviest exhaust emitters) have no vision for the future of humans on the Earth. If they always had their way, only their egos would be allowed to wander this planet.


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