Former Gift Shop Marks Start of Demolition for New Downtown

In phase one for downtown Sandy Springs, officials started demolition work on Hilderbrand Drive.


Sandy Springs officials continued phase one plans for its downtown City Center, Thursday, with demolition work to remove the structure at 150 Hilderbrand Drive. 

The property, which was former Tuckaway Downs gift shop, was acquired by the city in October 2012 for the extension of Bluestone Road, an announcement said.

“The first phase of development focuses on connectivity from what is to be redeveloped City Walk to the City Hall property,” said Mayor Eva Galambos. “We still have a while before the start of actual activity, but activity has begun.

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The estimated cost of the first phase of the downton project is $58.5 million and does not include the civic center building planned at the old Target site. City Council will allocate $7.5 million over the next seven years to help cover costs. A separate amount of $25,639,472 has been allocated for the development.


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