Isakson Tells Sandy Springs Bipartisanship Needed in Washington

During a talk in Sandy Springs Monday, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson said people sometimes stop him in the airport and ask why Congress can't get their act together.


If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans in Washington can agree on it’s that people want to find a way to get things done.

“We can get this done,” was a repeated theme in President Obama’s State of the Union Address, Tuesday; and on Monday, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson addressed the need for compromise during a talk to Sandy Springs business leaders. 

“We’ve got some big problems in this country and they need to be solved by the Congress of the United States whoever is in charge, whether it’s Democrats or Republican,” Isakson said. “It takes a combination of both to do it.

Isakson spoke at the Sandy Springs/Perimeter Chamber’s Circle private breakfast, held at UPS headquarters. 

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Former SSPC Chairman Rusty Paul told Isakson he thinks the business community is concerned by Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ decision to not seek re-election because deals can’t get done in Washington. “It’s become punitive in a way to do things that most of us view is what legislators and senators are supposed to do,” Paul said.

Isakson partly faulted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the poor climate in Washington, “The leadership fosters lots of it, namely Harry Reid because of the way he has chosen to run Congress,” he said, adding that Congress often succeeds in getting things done in a bipartisan way.

“But when it gets messy that’s what gets very frustrating. People will stop you in the airport and say, ‘Why can’t you guys get your act together,’ ” the Senator said.

Isakson said he understands Chambliss' frustration.

“You don’t ever want one party to be the dominant majority,” he said. “Our founding fathers designed us to be a very deliberative, competitive, political environment and that’s what we need today.” 

What’s your take? Do you think the President and Congress can find a way to get things done? Tell us in the comments.

David Self February 13, 2013 at 05:04 PM
As Jon Stewart succinctly put it - Congress is the most dysfunctional group since the Jackson Five. Watching Frontline last night John Boehner was depicted as willing to work with the administration in getting us out of this economic mess with his "Grand Experiment" proposal. But Obama's, Cantner's, Ryan's and the most conservative Republicans' arrogance was apparent. Its time to focus on middle class Americans rather than politics as usual by not kowtowing to the wealthy and special interests.


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