Sandy Springs' New Downtown Plan Gets Official Go-Ahead

City Council unanimously approved a resolution to carry out the first phase of plans for the city’s new Town Center.


Sandy Springs City Council members want regular updates on implementation, and have concerns about a $9.5 million price tag for downtown road construction at Mount Vernon Highway and Blue Stone Road, but they unanimously approved a resolution to carry out the first phase of plans for the city’s new Town Center. 

“Go for it,” said Mayor Eva Galambos, when the resolution was approved at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The estimated cost of the first phase of the project is $58.5 million and does not include the civic center building planned at the old Target site. City Council will allocate $7.5 million over the next seven years to help cover costs. A separate amount of $25,639,472 has been allocated for the development.

Sandy Springs seeks public/private partnerships for complete development of the new downtown area.

To review details of downtown project plans see the attached PDF file.

Town Center plans will not push out longtime business owners on the triangle at Roswell Road and Mount Vernon Highway, as previously expected, at least not in the first phase. Last November, conceptual plans included a green space on the triangle and would have moved out Eddie’s Automotive and House of Oriental Rugs, which have been there 40 and 24 years, respectively, and also Mr. Mattress Outlet, a 12-year business.

Eminent domain could be in Master Kleen dry cleaners and Waffle House's future on the west side of Roswell Road. Galambos has repeatedly said the two businesses will have to leave eventually.

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