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Laid-Off, Looking for Work, Money’s Low; Would You Reject Government Help?

A Sandy Springs Patch editorial on the divide among us.


Perhaps, the divide among us comes from making assumptions about each other. Many minorities believe that people who are not of color and of privilege, i.e. Republicans, do not care about their well-being.

And some Republicans believe that many middle to lower income minorities, or Democrats, would be okay with not working for a living if they could receive some type of so-called entitlement.

Sure there are some people, both black, white, brown and yellow, who would take what they can get. But you know what? I don’t know those folks. I don’t know the minorities that Mitt Romney and others refer to when they say President Obama won re-election because of promising gifts or entitlements.

Since 2008, I’ve known several folks who lost their jobs. I was among them. Many of their circumstances were similar to mine. From 2008 and 2010, I did not work a salaried job. I had no healthcare benefits. Between, freelance writing gigs, financial help from family and friends and unemployment benefits, I made it from one month to another.

Extended unemployment benefits that amounted to $330 per week was better than nothing. It was something. Receiving the government’s help, an entitlement, for example, did not give me incentive to not look for stable employment. It helped me to keep a roof over my head.

When medical issues arose, I was able to turn to locally funded clinics that helped people in my circumstances.

Even Publix supermarket pharmacy accommodated laid-off folks with lower prescription costs.

The Obama Administration isn’t perfect, but when I hear that some folks from Texas want to secede from the United States; or words such as “socialism” thrown around, I think, really?

“When you want to take money from the people who are creating jobs and give it back to the people who are not working, that’s socialism,” said a GOP focus group member on CBS This Morning, this week.

Again, as an African American woman, I don’t know any individuals who fall into the category that the focus group member referred to.

Let's face it. We're talking about race.

It’s not unlike the presumption that black men don’t take care of their children. I’m from a working class family that lived in both the inner city and the suburbs. Every black family I knew had two parents. Several parents, including mine, held down more than one job.

But I digress, and I challenge people to tell me that if you are laid-off with a family; trying to keep a roof over your children’s heads as you look for work, and you have a choice between being homeless, and some type of help to get you by as you look for a job…would you choose homelessness because you don’t want a so-called handout?

I believe you would welcome the help as you persevere. Tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree.

More Jobs Than We Think Are Out There

A “60 Minutes” report, Sunday, says there are at least three million open jobs in the United States, and repeated what has been heard time and again in Sandy Springs. Companies are hiring but can’t find trained qualified candidates.

Click Bond manufacturer managers featured in the report said they have a hard time finding workers even among higher-degreed candidates.

“You have a wave of baby-boomers who are leaving the workforce very soon, and we have to replace those folks,” said Ryan Costella.

“We can’t find enough students who are interested in pursuing these trades,” said Karl Hutter, Chief Operating Officer.

Take a look at the report.




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