Lost Corner Preserve Update

More information about the status of the Lost Corner Preserve following a public meeting on the matter.

The City of Sandy Springs hosted a public information meeting on the Lost Corner Preserve on Nov. 28 that covered a lot of ground about the property, according to city spokesperson Sharon Kraun.

Kraun estimated that about 50 people came to the meeting, which reviewed what has happened so far since the city was given a grant to construct a trail on the property last summer. The city originally acquired the land in 2008.

Parking was an issue at the meeting. There are 35 spots proposed and the question is whether or not that will be enough to serve demand for visitors.

As in the world of realty, location was another topic of discussion--namely location of a community garden on the property and an attempt to find another way for cars to enter the property. The current entrance doesn't have the best sight distance and some residents expressed concern about it.

Kraun said that the first phase of focus on Lost Corner will be about safety: coordinating security for the park (which she said is always a main concern in Sandy Springs parks), stabilizing the house on the property and the driveway question.

As recently as August, more than $800,000 has been raised to acquire the land.

For more information about Lost Corner, click here.


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