City Seizes Property at Strip Club, Gas Station For Streetscape Project

The properties are for Sandy Springs streetscape projects from Johnson Ferry Road to Abernathy Road.


Sandy Springs City Council approved acquisitions of Roswell Road parcels at Flashers strip club and the BP Gas Station, Tuesday, to complete streetscape/sidewalk projects from Johnson Ferry Road to Abernathy Road.

The businesses and their structures will remain.

The BP parcel at 6360 Roswell Road includes just over 1,083 square feet of right of way and 902 square feet of easement. Sandy Springs will pay $71,850 for the appraised parcel.

Flashers’ parcel at 6430 Roswell Road includes nearly 368 square feet of right of way and more than 712 square feet of easement. The city will pay $30,200 for the appraised parcel.

Sandy Springs says they are nearly complete in acquiring property for the streetscape project and delays could affect funding. Eminent domain was necessary to acquire title of the properties by funding deadlines. After new sidewalks and streetscaping are complete at the two sites, Georgia Department of Transportation will reimburse the city 80 percent of the funds.

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Eva Galambos added, “Here we are spending money to improve private property outlook on Roswell Road; everything will be pretty and nicer and they are making us pay through the nose for eminent domain,” she said.

Anthony Poselenzny February 20, 2013 at 01:01 PM
I believe we are still a country that believes in property rights of the individual. While the street scape may look nice, we should be wary when government takes property. Usually the private market tels us what the value of property is and whether it should be improved.
Brian Oravetz February 20, 2013 at 02:43 PM
Could someone describe the context of the word "seized"? Because I agree with Anthony here; government "seizing" property, to "beautify" a "cityscape" is not a good enough reason to simply take property owned by a private entity (regardless of what that private entity is). I'm sure the city will say that they've paid "fair market value"; but that FMV is decided upon by the government entity. And it's never fair for anyone other than the government. So if this was pre-agreed upon by these businesses, fair enough. IF not, then this is a bad precedent set upon by what has thus far, been a good city government.
Jan R February 21, 2013 at 02:06 AM
Making us "pay through the nose"? At around $100,000 for the two properties? I think that the city got a bargain. Plus, I don't understand why two properties that aren't adjacent had to be "seized". I have to agree that beautification doesn't seem like a good enough reason. Guess Eva will come for my house soon since it's old and small, and probably not up to her standards.
I Love Sandy Springs March 04, 2013 at 03:37 AM
Yes, I am against the Kelo decision, but that doesn't mean that they would have had to use eminent domain to get these purchased, it did allow them to move faster. Anyone that has worked with the owners of Flasher will tell you that they are not stewards of their property or of their reputation. I do not know anything about the BP situation, but if the improvements make the property values around there go up even more, then everyone wins.


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