By the Numbers: Sandy Springs Voters Chose Romney Over Gingrich on Super Tuesday

Click the icons on the interactive map to see how Sandy Springs residents voted at the top nine polling locations in the GOP Primary.


Newt Gingrich won the Georgia Primary but Sandy Springs voters chose GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Super Tuesday.

Gingrich placed second over Rick Santorum, who was a distant third. 

. The highest percentage of active to registered voters reached 32 percent at the Riverwood High School precinct. Several precincts hovered between 10-25 percent of active voters.

Click the icons on the interactive map to see how residents voted at the top nine polling locations.

michael March 11, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Low voter apathy is a longstanding plague that will come back to haunt us, It really doesn't matter if Gingrich or Romney because neither show any real differences, where it counts, up against the other "pro-war" establishment candidate that is also Obama. As a alternate delegate to both the 3rd District and State Conventions Foreign Policy is the only real issue that will indeed "make or break America" . . . so the National Convention motto, as always, should be : "Divided We Stand, United We Fall". Ron Paul, the "Dr NO" of alleged "ineffectual" Congressional leadership, is aptly named insofar as he's definitely make a Much More Superior President !


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