Sandy Springs RFP Project to Benefit New Downtown Area

City Hall has issued a Request for Proposals for a project that would spur economic development, officials say.


Provided by Sandy Springs spokesperson Sharon Kraun

The City of Sandy Springs is soliciting Requests for Proposals from firms to design and develop stormwater management facilities at the Marsh Creek Headwaters project site.

This project is part of a larger effort to improve overall watersheds that extend outside the limits of the City Center area. When completed, its use as a regional detention facility to improve downstream conditions of the watershed is expected to spur economic development in the City Center area, a statement said.

“The Marsh Creek Headwaters Preserve will not only help us regulate stormwater runoff keeping our River clean, but it will also add a decorative feature to the landscape,” said Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos, in a statement. “The pond will complement surrounding green space.”

Design of the facility will incorporate hardscape and softscape features creating an attractive greenspace.

Georgia Stormwater Management requires that construction for redevelopment projects include onsite stormwater detention as if the site was being developed for the first time. Once completed, the Marsh Creek Headwaters Preserve will satisfy quantity requirements for development in portions of the City Center area, a benefit for developers. Developers would still be required to address water quality on any re-developed parcels using infiltrative BMPs. 

As part of the construction of the detention facility, Marsh Creek Headwaters Preserve will be planned to incorporate multi-use components, including a water feature, open greenspace and educational components designed to inform residents about water quality and sustainability. 

“We are bringing water treatment into the public view. Stormwater detention can be both functional and beautiful,” added Galambos. 

For more information, please visit www.sandyspringsga.gov.

Anthony Poselenzny March 02, 2013 at 01:19 PM
I wonder why private businesses have not beaten a path to Sandy Springs to invest in development. I hate to see our surplus tax money, or to borrow money, to make improvements to "downtown" when there aren't private businesses interested in doing so. That's an indication that there isn't enough financial payback in such an effort to make this viable. Is it because our zoning and regulations are too stringent? Why is there so much undeveloped or unimproved property along Roswell road now. I would rather private developers be interested in developing a downtown rather than using taxpayer money to do so.


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