Sandy Springs Tries to Find a Place for Billboards

City officials are talking to sign companies to find the best places for billboards around town.


Looming signs are not the look city officials nor many residents want for Sandy Springs. Yet, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Sandy Springs is talking to sign companies to find the best places for billboards around town.

According to the AJC story, Fulton County lost a nine-year lawsuit filed by KH Outdoor for rejecting their billboards and must pay more than $4 million to the company. Now Sandy Springs and other North Fulton cities are trying to negotiate with sign companies to strategically place signs, the story said.

What do you think? Is there a place for signs in Sandy Springs?

mike johnston September 05, 2012 at 11:57 AM
The one at Roberts Dr and Pride Place cannot be seen in any direction except directly under it... which means even MORE trees will have to come down to make way for the ads.
JamesMichael September 05, 2012 at 03:28 PM
I applaud all attempts to resist billboards. That a nest of judicial lizards-for-hire sees fit to force them upon us is unforgivable. That KH Outdoor forced the issue is worthy of boycott. Once the crass, vulgar, in-our-face assaults are erected, the appropriate response is to boycott whatever is promoted upon them. Additionally, whatever business rents space for those slaps-in-the-face monstrosities should be boycotted as well. Roswell Road! What a God-forsaken, tasteless, vulgar road of tacky, classless, ugly, garish trash it is. It will now become even more so. Time to fight back.
M McClure October 16, 2012 at 11:59 AM
My Granfather lived ON Roswell Road LONG before it was what it is now. Taxes paid for DECADES!!! Nice years ago ... following all rules ... my Father applied for a billboard on our convenience store site. We waited. And "won" our right to put up a sign. No ... wait ... despite the fact that my Dad is now in a nursing home and NEEDS the income ... Sandy Springs, very secretly <<<<!!! negotiated away that right ... literally gave it to someone else and denied my family the use and enjoyment of our property ! NO tax break/abatement ... just fought a what was that ??? $4,000,000 fight and screwed us ... tax paying, decent citizens who apparently exist only to pay the bills and taxes of an arrogant and drunk on power and control little "government" made up of people who have NOT ONE clue about how markets work. The next thing you know ... they will be spending tens of millions to expand a bridge !!!


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