Sandy Srings Resident Responds to Fallout From John Lewis "Snub"

Jeff Johnson wrote to East Atlanta Patch

Sandy Springs resident Jeff Johnson responded to a recent article in East Atlanta Patch on what some feel was a slap in the face to John Lewis, the Civil Rights Movement icon and Democratic congressman from Georgia.

He wrote the following.

Dear Editor:

I read your article about the the perceived .

I do not think that was right, fair or just.

For the record: I did not attend the park gathering and I do not support the cause (because I can't figure out what the real protest is here. I do realize that we are in a very bad economy and that will get much worse), John Lewis has been a good citizen and has all star civil rights record. That last statement is without question!

Could the (perceived) snub be from the fact that when John Lewis took congressional office in Jan 1987 the federal deficit was just $2.1 trillion and now it sits at $14.8 trillion?

I just don't know but don't think anyone likes the way the politicains have run up the national credit card.

I do wish our elected politicians would be more frugal with the federal tax dollars they control.


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