Speak Out: Are Fulton's Commission Lines Fair?

Legislation has formed to add more county commission seats in North Fulton. Do you think that would improve the balance of power and would Sandy Springs benefit?


In an effort to give more representation to North Fulton, legislation has been drawn to change the Fulton Commission district lines, which would increase the number of district seats while eliminating an at-large position.

State Rep. Lynne Riley (R-Johns Creek) announced HB 171 earlier this year to reflect the changing population in the county. The bill would grant another district seat to North Fulton.

At the time, Riley said the county historically has added districts to reflect population increases. She said the map "is fair, complies with constitutional and federal mandates, respects precinct boundaries and communities of interests, and consists of compact districts.”

Still, the Fulton County Commission recently voted 5-2 on a resolution opposing the measure, expressing concerns on the effects the resolution would have on voting rights. In fact, the commission was scheduled to hold an "emergency meeting" with House Democrats Thursday morning concerning the legislation.

Liz Hausmann and Tom Lowe, who are North Fulton's representatives on the commission, voted against the county resolution opposing the bill.

"I am in favor of the proposed new commission districts as it brings additional representation to North Fulton that is long overdue, and complies with the important concept of one man one vote," said Hausmann, the District 3 Commissioner, in a Feb. 7 Patch article.

The bill is scheduled to go before the House Committee on Intragovernmental Coordination today.

Do you think the current district boundaries are fair, or should they be redrawn to give North Fulton another seat? Tell us in the comments!

Tom February 23, 2013 at 03:23 PM
Yes. And add term limits too. Fair is equal sized Districts, which the democrats did not provide. This is not about race as S Fulton people are trying to demonize white voters. Fair is having less at large districts and more districts of equal population. Fulton is 48 percent white and 44 percent black. Many white liberals do not agree with socially conservative black democrats. I voted for Obama but would never support Darnell.


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