Upcoming Meeting on Spalding/Mount Vernon Intersection

Sandy Springs is working with a transportation engineering consultant to improve safety at the intersection.


Another public meeting will be held on the Spalding Drive and Mount Vernon Drive intersection, on Sept. 5.

The meeting will be held at 6 p.m., at Brandon Hall School.

An announcement said the City of Sandy Springs is working with a transportation engineering consultant to improve safety at the intersection. Proposed plans will be presented at the meeting. 


During that meeting, officials said intersection improvements are scheduled to start in late 2013 and will cost about $400,000.

Because Mount Vernon Road and Spalding Drive meet at an acute angle, the intersection is prone to accidents. There have been 17 reported crashes over the last three years, officials said in June. At that time improvements included lowering the grade on Spalding Drive to create a clear sight view.

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JS August 28, 2012 at 05:00 PM
They really should be meeting about why the intersection at Brandon Mill and Abernathy has all this taxpayer-paid equipment sitting there for 2months all day long, and no one is ever working? Project supposed to be completed in a matter of weeks and they have made no progress. Except to inconvenience residents with a closed road which has made escaping the area during morning rush hour virtually impossible. Extra 30 minutes on each end of our commute every single day. Stop wasting my time And money!!!!
Nayef H. Haddad August 29, 2012 at 02:35 PM
When I was in charge of transportation in Fulton County, I changed this intersection to an All Way Stop mainly to regulate traffic at the intersection. Even though a traffic signal is warranted at this intersection, it will be a huge mistake to put one. It will change Spalding Drive from a minor collector to a major collector by inviting more cars on it that normally take other paths now like Dunwoody Club. I had to fight the Ga Department of Transportation for years from doing major improvements to it, because their plans were to put more traffic on it by making it and that portion of Mount Vernon a major artery. DO NOT make the mistake of doing major improvements to this intersection, let's keep Spalding Drive to mainly serve the residents of that district and not invite additional outside traffic. We can live with the rush hour traffic for one hour in the morning, we are already used to it and we plan around it. This is the road I have been using on my daily commute for the last nine years. My goodness, if we do not know how to turn and act on an All Way Stop we should not be driving a car. The problem is the speeding on Spalding Drive after the intersection, and that's what we need to tackle, not the intersection.


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